Since I was a child the simple details of everyday life have fascinated me. I used to spend hours looking around playing with the rhythms of the city and creating visual symphonies. The first time I had a camera in my hands and was able to capture some atoms of this reality I knew for sure I was on the right path. The best way I can explain my style of work is like an artisan who’s raw material is the reality that surrounds us. Everyday I try to learn and investigate in order to have more tools and experience to become a ‘storyteller’. These are the steps that I have gone through:
I hold a degree in Audiovisual Communication by the Complutense University of Madrid. Degree that I completed with an Erasmus grant at the Università Degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) and a Seneca Grant at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). Studying in Barcelona I soon felt attracted by the creative documentary style, so I started to work alongside renown Spanish directors, being assistant director of Isaki Lacuesta or collaborating with the producer Marta Andreu in her production company, Playtime. I participated in the workshop “Documentary Cinema, according to Patricio Guzman” (DOCMA, Cinemateca de Madrid, 2013) and in ‘The Creative Documentary Workshop’ imparted by the Cuban director Belkis Vega (EICTV International Film School).
Afterwards I started to collaborate with Belkis Vega as cinematographer and coordinator in the Creative Documentary for Women Workshop at the Bonnemaison Cultural Centre (Barcelona). I also collaborated with her and the Swiss director Marianne Pletscher in their ‘Master in Observational Documentary’ at the Menéndez Pelayo University (Spain).

I have been working as filmmaker for the Catalan TV, I collaborated with “The Influencers” the International Festival of Non Conventional Art at the Center Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) and I coordinated the audio-visual production of the Marionetes Nomades Association. I have filmed and directed several videos as video-arts, corporates, spots or created specifics storytelling for different customers.
Between these works I developed my career as independent director, I have carried out projects in Burkina Faso, France, South Korea, Kuwait, Cabo Verde or Haiti, I have learned Italian, Catalan, English and French and I directed and produced two short films ‘The Puppets Cemetery’ (2014) and ‘Quand j’étais petit’ (2016) awarded in different festivals around the world. Nowadays, I’m finishing my first feature film, a creative documentary titled ‘Rêve de Mousse’.