Microdoc La Maleta mexicana

the mexican suitcase

microdoc 3′ | barcelona 2013

Historian and journalist Josep María Contel discovers a photo of a plane shot down in “Els jardinets de Graçia” during the Spanish Civil War, while research for his book “Graçia: Temps de bombes, temps de refugis”. The photo was anonymous until a suitcase full of negatives appears in Mexico. Among those negatives is the photo in question, which along with the rest of rolls, was shot by the very Robert Cappa.
At last the exhibition of these photographs arrives in Barcelona, where they were taken more than fifty years ago, clarifying certain aspects of the contest.

PRODUCTION BNC | TVC for “No t’ho perdis” CANAL 33

Josep María Contel and his book
‘Gràcia, temps de guerra, temps de refugis’

Cynthia Young, curator of the exhibition

Negatives found on the ‘mexican suitcase’